Are you looking to improve your performance?


At Sunrise Consulting we are energised by helping people achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of coaching and mentoring services for any stage of your career or to improve your personal performance.


We focus on helping clients to let go of work-related stress through the whole "work journey": getting into, being in and leaving a job.  See the webinar on the left for more thoughts on this topic. He especially loves helping Master's students navigate the recruitment process.


Peter will bring his 35 years of coaching and mentoring to help you reduce your stress as you:


  • Search for employment

  • Create your CV, prepare for an interview or assessment centre, or similar activity.

  • Seek to address in-work stress, helping you either to survive where you are or to change jobs.

  • Deliver your job responsibilities.

  • Leave your current employment and move on.


He will also support you in a variety of other ways, such as when you:


  • Are working on your Master's degree dissertation or your PhD thesis.

  • Need support to provide more effective leadership

  • Wish to work on more general challenges.

  • Want to make a change in your life.

Whatever stage you have reached, we will support you to define and then reach your goals: aspire, assess and attain.

If you're not sure what you might get from coaching, have a taste of this by going though the process in the video to the left.

What people say

"Thank you so much for your inspiring coaching. I also gained much confidence from

your warm encouragement. Thank you"

Ready to get started?

Please contact Peter to arrange an online coaching session. Payment is to be made in advance.

Ideally this is by bank transfer but can be by Paypal.


Peter is happy to use video or audio with either Skype or WeChat.  He is registered as "sunriseconsulting" on both.  Click on the Skype button below to open Skype, or link to him on WeChat.

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