Maybe you have questions about whether you wish to work with me? Here are some answers to common questions you may have.


1. Why choose me?

You would usually wish to engage me to help you to get into a new job. You may need help with your CV, with practising for an interview, or simply need some advice.

Answering the question more widely, I can bring to you many years of experience in this field, with successes ranging from Big 4 accountants and NGOs to smaller companies needing niche skills.

2. What a can I help with?

Pretty much anything! I can work with you on anything job-related and beyond. So it might be on helping you to become clearer on your career direction, or completing an application form, or preparing for your final partner interview. All these things are open for us to work on together.

3. How does the relationship work?

You bring your needs and I work with you to satisfy them. Together we find answers. So for example you need to prepare for an interview. You have researched some potential questions and so have I. Together we go through them, me asking you the question, you giving me an answer and then us talking about it to improve each one together.

If you need to write something like an answer to an open question or a cover letter, then it's often most cost-effective for you to draft something first for us to complete together, but I'm happy to work with you however you wish.

Obviously the relationship is confidential.