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Maybe you have questions about whether you wish to work with me? Here are some answers to common questions you may have.


1. Why choose me?

You would usually wish to engage me to help you to Shine, that is, to perform as well as you can in any situation. I can help you to get into a new job, to get a new contract, to deliver your message as compellingly as possible.

2. What a can I help with?

Pretty much anything! I can work with you on anything where you must Shine. This may be job-related but does not have to be. I can help you to polish your client presentation, to create an RFQ proposal, to respond to client challenges, and beyond. All these things are open for us to work on together.

3. How does the relationship work?

You bring your needs and I work with you to satisfy them. Together we find answers. So for example you need to prepare for an interview. You have researched some potential questions and so have I. Together we go through them, me asking you the question, you giving me an answer and then us talking about it to improve each one together.

If you need to write something like a proposal presentation then it's often most cost-effective for you to draft something first for us to complete together, but I'm happy to work with you however you wish.

Obviously the relationship is confidential.

4. How do we get started?

I suggest we start with a free no-obligation discussion on your needs so we can work out what is necessary. We can take it from there.


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