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Peter's mission in life is to make you Shine!

He will work with you to help you perform at your very best in circumstances where you must deliver life-changing material.

That might be writing a CV or preparing for an interview. Peter is an experienced Career Engineer who will help you to succeed with these things. That might also be writing an RFQ proposal or preparing for a client presentation. Peter has many years of experience of doing these for both large multinational and small companies and will bring that experience to support you. Whatever situation you're in, Peter will help you to Shine!

In addition to his main coaching activities, Peter provides medicine adherence consulting. This arises out of Peter's PhD study, which itself came out of his deepening engagement in Africa over the last 10 years, being responsible for delivering mainly healthcare-related projects in Ghana, Tanzania, DR Congo, Zambia and elsewhere. He applies the same theories to any instructions-constrained environment, so if you have an issue with your customers or staff not following instructions then Peter can help.


Peter also continues to lecture at postgraduate level, to supervise Master’s student dissertations, and to deliver project and programme management. As well as having a PhD he is a Fellow of the IET and the BCS, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional.

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Outside Sunrise Consulting Peter has also done work for:

Gates Foundation                       
Ford of Europe                            
Red Bull Racing                           
World Bank                                  


Judith is a director of Sunrise Consulting and is a qualified Landscape Architect. She has worked in local government for over 25 years and brings excellent organisational & financial skills to the business. She also consults as a Landscape Architect occasionally.

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